Market Data presents a large cost to the business. DataContent’s Smart Sourcing will leverage market data as a cost effective resource and maximise the Return on Market Data Investment (MDI). This guarantees the business directly profits from all MDI by licensing the data it needs to make superior decisions, while reducing punitive liabilities through unlicensed and out of contract data usage.


DataContent's uniquely developed tools maximises licensing rights and MDI, minimises risk and increases what we term ‘Return on Data Investment' (RDI).


Smart Sourcing in Action

What is Smart Sourcing? Smart Sourcing empowers stakeholders in the market data chain, from on-boarding to end users, Sources to distribution, distribution to the end user, raw, derived and historical display and non-display both up and downstream. Smart Sourcing guarantees the pre-qualification of new sources and services, verifies and validates existing sources and services, entirely eliminating cost inefficient duplication and wasteful expense.


It provides for vendor management to support compliance and data stewardship, the ability to perform on-going content optimisation, with peer to peer, and self source analysis.This ensures Market Data services provided are Accurate, Timely, and Consistent, with a positive RDI P&L.

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